Tuesday, December 30, 2008

goodbye coal umbrella

yesterday we removed all of our stuff after a year of success from coal umbrella. . . it was a sad day :( but overall we are happy about being asked to leave, because we don't do well to being tied down. who knows we might open another shop, or move to Portland, or finish school.... who knows. but for now we are umbrella free. sorry to disappoint. you can buy our goods here:
mine is clouds
huish books
seagull boutique

1 comment:

chris almond said...

wtf?!?! whycome? honestly, your part of the store was my favorite part! i am not necessarily into clothes and records, but your part was the only part of the store i really liked. but really, why did they ask you guys to leave? you should really move up here! did you know i live in olywa? you did right? portland is so close, you would love it, you could hang out with me and marissa all the time and we can talk about how you got kicked out of coal umbrella.