Tuesday, March 17, 2009

obama and your mama

i was just on my friend ashley's blog and she posted a story about a dream that she had with Obama, and it reminded me of a dream that i had last week.

Obama and michelle and the girls decided to visit an LDS ward. So they came to utah. they were told to go to my mom's ward for the best experience. . . i guess because the people in the ward are incredibly rich and surprisingly incredibly humbled?.. well so there we were me, my mom, my dad, and my dad's brother brian (who happened to be in town) Well Obama gave this amazing speech in sacrament then he had to leave. Me and my mom snuck out into the hallway early so that we would defiantly run into him. well somehow we missed him, and we were walking in laps around the church freaking out because we wanted to meet him. finally we were discouraged and decided to go out to the car, and then we found them getting into there black SUV. And my dad and brian were hanging out with them.. well Obama saw my mom from inside the darkly tinted SUV and he like freaked out. He was like "oh i haven't met this beautiful lady" and he totally reached over Michelle, squished her and made her skirt ride up high, ad he held his hand out to my mom. My mom blushed, took his hand and said "im peggy and THIS is my husband" and she hugged my dad. well Obama was just like staring her down googly eyed. and michelle just like started giggling then they drove away and he stared at my mom the whole time.
my mom was wearing this fancy dress and looked amazing.

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