Thursday, October 1, 2009


it is my favorite time of the year! i figure it is the perfect time to start blogging again! Me and Trevor have been SUPER busy with school. we are both taking full time classes. Trevor's are mostly art and painting.. mine are mostly all generals :(. . but this is my LAST semester!! huray... so once I am done, I am done forever! Trevor has been working cleaning windows like crazy, he got a new company truck that has bubbles all over it! ha ha . I am looking for a job.. only i want a REAL job not another makeshift.. I just interviewed at THE perfect job today.. its a print lab job, which is what I was doing before and I loved. SO hopefully I can get that, I find out tomorrow! other than that we have been teaching cub scouts.. and I HATE it. it is grueling and none of the boys pay any attention. i have to find a way to weasle out... ha! any suggestions? hopefully i will be posting again SOON!


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