Friday, December 18, 2009

Finaly done!

today was the first day of my life out-side of school!!! I finished my LAST final last night. WOO HOO!! I am so relieved to be done!! now Its time to start my real life.. ha ha. This semester I took a floral design class that was SO much fun.. i made this Christmas center piece a few weeks ago, its starting to look a little shaggy. ha . . I also took a 3d design class where I made this amazing table. . almost all by myself, trevor had to help with several disasters! we also got to go up to midway to a little church that had all these beautiful versions of the nativity, and we ended up dressing up with our friends, the Hayes family.

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tallia said...

hey friend i have only talked to once! i heard you were pregnant so i wanted to stop by and say congratulations. and now after reading your blog i wanted to say that we almost named our little girl hazel(much to my grandma's dismay), we planned on it up until she was born and then she didn't look like a hazel (much to my grandma's happiness). i love that name though. i hope you are doing well, your house and crafts are so cute! congratulations again!yay! babies are so great. :)