Tuesday, February 23, 2010

baby dreams

okay so everyone always tells me that when you are pregnant you have these crazy vivid dreams that you have freaky animal children and things like that. . . well I have not had any of those, and I have been so happy.. I think I would freak if I ever dreamed that I had a baby cat (I HATE CATS!)

But I've been kind of freaking out because I have not had ANY dreams about this little girl. I think that it is because I don't know what to imagine. I have such a hard time fathoming really having a child, so i cant visualize myself with her.. I don't know..

But last night I finally dreamed about her! It was SO weird.

~She was smashing her knees into the top of my belly, and I thought it was so cool, so I went to show my mom. My mom was so excited because she was pushing SO hard that we could see through my belly and see her fingernails and toenails. We were touching where she was pressing, and her little tiny hands and arms popped out of my belly!! ahh ha ha. it was so cool, then she slammed her face against the top of my belly and her face came out!! she was SO cute. And it was like she was in a baby carrier, instead of my belly. And the rest of my pregnancy she had her head popped out, and her little arms waving away on the sides of my belly. ~

Freaked out yet?! ha ha. It was a little weird. Anyway I am SO excited because next week I am going on VACATION!!!

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