Friday, February 26, 2010

baby gap

yesterday I went to baby gap.. I should really never go there, because they have the most unbelievable baby stuff. ahh and right now they have a 20% off coupon that they just give you at the door!! okay so I never buy things full price, but I could not help it once I saw this little are some other things that I want REALLY to see the dress
click to see the romper
click to see the one piece


naomi said...

I really love that first little suity thing.
And I think baby girls in one-piece swimsuits are crazy cute.

Elle and Jared said...

first of all, i love that you know naomi. second of all, baby gap is one of the only stores jared has to ground me from. third of all, i know you are having bebe soon but we'd love to have you guys up for dinner if you could before she comes. is that even a possibility at this point? i especially want to because i'm bummed that i missed your shower. jared had school until 8 that evening. let me know via blog or 801-739-4500 (call or text) if you guys would be up for coming to see us this weekend or next week.