Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ripening up

ohh I feel like this whole baby, pregnancy, thing has been going on forever.

Anyway. Trevor convinced me to cut my hair!

It looks so cute when its short, I just wanted it long because I know it will start to dive me insane once I have the baby.

So here it is::

p.s. I had the FUNNEST baby shower the other day, I will post photo's of it as soon as i can!


emmarae said...

i love it jess!! so cute!!!

Drew+Elise said...

i love your shirt!!

i will edit the photos probably sometime this weekend, maybe sunday when i have time. :) and then give you a disc.

thanks for the book! i love it and you know i love it :)

elise lauren photography said...

I know! That's the first thing I said to drew when he told me the date. And I'm not sure how much say he has in the date...if any at all. Let's pray the baby doesn't come on the 10th! I'll be there though... with my camera!