Saturday, March 20, 2010

trevor huish

I am SO lucky to be married to the greatest man in the entire world. I love Trevor so much that it scares me sometimes. He just recently won the Mayhew art show at byu! He is so incredibly talented... I hope so much that our children will get his artistic genes. I'm so proud of you Trev and I love you to the moon!! (here are some photo's from the piece that took juror's first choice!! read more here)


Elle and Jared said...

Good work Trevor! That is so awesome! We're in California right now and I bet by the time we get back you'll have a baby!! Exciting but I'm bummed that we didn't get together for dinner. We'll make it happen sooner or later. But i'd rathr sooner than later.

Weston Colton Photo said...

Trevor, you won the freaking Mayhew!? So rad!