Sunday, September 5, 2010


hazel is growing like crazy, she is on the verge of sitting up by herself. She LOVES food and she is always trying to eat whatever it is that we are eating. So far she eats rice cerial, squash, fruit and juice. Her hair is growing so fast. It is perfectly even all over her head. She grabs at anything and everything that comes her way. On her 5 month birthday she made sleeping all the way through the night! YES!! she had been keeping it up for the past few days... we are trying not to get our hopes too high as I am sure it is just a stage she will grow out of.
We went to a harry potter party and dressed hazel up as baby harry potter. I made a death eater cake.. it was most likely poisonous as we all felt sick after eating it.. except malfoy. From L-R Jillian was Trelawney, Kya was Kreacher, Tosh was Neville, Edan was Malfoy, Trevor was Lupin, and Hazel was baby Harry Potter, I was Tonks..

Trevor started school last week and he made it home past 6 almost every single night. It is hard to get adjusted to such an long schedule but he is excited to be back into the art world. He is taking tons of very intense BFA art classes. He is also a TA for one of his favorite professors Peter Everett, Here is some of Peter's work you can see why trevor likes him. Trevor it also working full time. He is such an amazing man I am so helplessly in love with him. He is the best father and greatest man and I love him more and more every day. Hazel is crazy for trevor, she lights up every time he comes home.

I got a job a few weeks back, and have been tortured leaving hazel. I do not see the point in leaving her, I know that I need to make money but leaving her is not working out. So I am leaving my job behind and going full force into freelance photography work. I am really excited and nervous, but it is the right thing to do. I am also working on selling more and more books I have my etsy website going, but I am going to try and sell more to stores and that sort of thing.

We are off camping tonight to timpanookie (i think).. I can't wait. I will post photos of that later!

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