Tuesday, September 28, 2010

update you

we took hazel on another campout, and this time she did SO well, she slept perfectly and we were very cozy despite the freezing weather.

the other day I went to check on hazel, she had been playing in her crib and this is what I found, a sleeping babe.

Hazels hair is growing SO much every day, this photo was from a few weeks ago, you can get the idea of what it is like up close..

Here is the proof:: hazel has two new teeth!!

We have been making lots of things, here is some of what we have been working on (hazel was kind enough to model):

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Myk said...

Is that a cloth bum I see? We did cloth with Kannon too- loved it (except when he went through this stage of drinking ridiculous amounts of water and would pee right through everything). Glad to see that she getting so nice plump baby chub on those thighs!