Saturday, December 11, 2010

a handmade christmas

I wish I could show all the projects that I have been working on this Christmas, but most of them are presents and it would not make much sense to spoil the surprises.. soo here are a few things I have been working on that are not secret..
a doll for Hazy:

little pant's for hazel:

cutie pants from jessie huish on Vimeo.

(sorry they are so wrinkled- she wore them this morning)

This lovely advent calender (this one is a gift.. but who for?!)

Hazel's Ornaments:
A stamp for Hazel:
A doily wreath:

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tessa marie said...

love it all. oye. it hurts my heart how much I miss you and want to play and create with you. you inspire me! I really really wanted to make a doily wreath like that and really really love hazels pants and stamp and will one day when I have a new sewing machine that is not broken and my linolium cutting tools will surely copy you with a stamp of my babys very own. your so cool.