Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have had some exciting changes this past month- Yesterday we had a meeting up in salt lake at the library for Trevor's new job! It does not start till August, but it is sooo exciting. He is going to be a Learning Coach at a charter school called Alianza Academy, this also happens to be the school that my dad is coming home to teach at. Trevor's school is in Magna.. so it will be a bit of a commute. We are planing on moving up to Salt Lake as soon as we can find a good place to live! We are so excited to be starting a new chapter in our lives. It will be really sad to leave behind our wonderful house and close friends and family though!

hazel telling me that it is time for swimming practice.
Hazel has been taking swimming lessons! she is doing so good, she moves her arms and holds her breath.. she can hang onto the edge by herself, and she can even pull herself over the edge to get out. She screams with joy the entire time the we are in our class. She is getting a little too confident because she always tries to jump out of my arms.. she thinks she can swim by herself, but really if she can figure out the whole kicking thing she will be swimming in no time. 

trevor and his pile of destruction

My parents are coming home in one week!! I am so excited to have my family back, it has felt like they have been gone for 10 years. We have been working every day to get things done for their new house! it is looking very beautiful this time of year! here is a little preview:

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Elise said...

swimming!?! what?? she will be the youngest baby swimmer ever! we can take her into the ocean with us!