Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I have not posted any updates in a while, so bare with me- this is a long one!
Hazel and her two wonderful, beautiful, amazing nana's after thanksgiving dinner
Hazey in my moms kitchen sink.

Setting up a cozy Christmas tree in the basement of the Johnsons

hazel has become quite the poser.

our gingerbread house- it lasted about 3 days- hazel would not stop eating it!

Visit to Riverwoods to see Santa with my sister Abby

Aunt Abby- Hazels BEST friend. She talks about abby, and quotes her all day every day.

she went crazy at the toystore- total toddler bliss

hazel gnome

right after this two kids came up to play with the kitchen and she dramatically shoved them away yelling "HAZEYS!! HAZEYS!"

She loves calico critters! I am thrilled because I think I played with mine until I was about 14. (I LOVE THEM!)

ahh the cutest little cheeseball!

Her snowsuit! (reminds me so much of the little brother on the christmas story)

mama's boots

drama queen

this is the moment I have been waiting for! she thinks that she can get into the little schoolhouse.

She kept trying....

and trying....
and trying..

this is my favorite stage of toddelerdom. I LOVE it, I love it.

she then asked everyone in the house if they could put her in the school 'hazel in, abby... hazel in, papa, mama, nana'


christmas morning (note the green backyard?! we were in utah)

she loved GG's presents

hanging out with her cousins

she was so funny driving around to visit all our families. she kept putting her finger into this clementine, then she would laugh and laugh.

she slept well that night! exhausted from all the attention and playing.

abby and hazey on the way to the pool.

i love this photo of her- she was sooo excited to be there, and the expression she has here is not one i would have predicted. anxious with excitement? I had to whip up a swim suit for her because we kept forgetting to bring hers.

I couldn't get hazels face because she never stopped jumping and flailing about - but she had the greatest time of her life at the pool- I kept thinking man, we should have skipped all the christmas gifts and took her to the pool.

Hazel is quite the whipersnapper these days. I chase her around all day. She constantly pushes limits - especially if she is doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing.  Yesterday she was sitting in my shopping cart going through my purse, she found my wallet and immediately hid it from me and said 'no no mama wallet', Today I watched her find a crayon and she whispered "no no hazey" as she colored on a box that I had just packed up.  Speaking of boxes, we are moving into a house in Salt Lake on Saturday! We are so excited! Trevor's Job is going great and we are so happy to be closer to his work! No more heinous commuting! I will post more soon!


Gretchen said...

Love all these photos Jessie! Enjoy your new home :)

Team "I" said...

SOCUTE! I can't get enough of her! and you just whipped that suit up!It's SO cute! you're amazing!

Team "I" said...

woops...signed into bubs name- its me Tessa!