Friday, February 17, 2012

as of late...

we have been busy getting settled in around her- it is unbelievable how hard it is to go from a BIG house to a little apartment. We LOVE our new place.. I have been sewing curtains, collecting rugs, and hanging artwork like a mad woman. Hopefully we will be able to take pictures soon- it is just not quite there yet. Trevor spent last week in New York?! it was a surprise last minute trip he was invited to go on with his school, Alianza Academy. They went to NY to visit a bunch of other schools that have a similar curriculum to them. They didn't get much free time, but they did get to meet
ELMO!! hazel was totally jealous when she heard over the phone who papa got to see! She has this picture framed in her room now. :)
Other than trying to make the house feel like home we have been busy visiting lots of friends and family. We have also been baking up a storm. We made the most DELICIOUS banana bread with chocolate and candied ginger (Trevor LOVES ginger) the Recipe is HERE.
Hazel has been talking SO much more than ever, she copies me all day long whatever I say. She kept saying "habbie ballimtyindaaaaai" on valentines day. It was so cute. The other day I wrote down a few of her most used phrases (phonetically)

Dada juice (Dada is her word for bottle)
Mimi (passifier)
Papa and mama
No no hazey shuuss offf (her way of telling herself that we don't want her to take her shoes off)
Pleeeese hazey upp mama pleeese?
Tintu (thank you)
Iluluou (i love you)
Mama wachh hazey
See (when she shows you something)
Beep beep (when she wants you to move over)
Please elmo ninny? (asking if she can watch her favorite elmo movie)
Ninny (nap)
Papa ninny? (Asking to sleep with papa at night)
No no ninny
Nack nacks peeease (fruitsnacks)
Hayzel pwotty (telling us when she has to go potty)
Nono pwotty,
Duyyyy (guy)
Eeassee (swing and slide and park)
Boys (what she calles her twin boyfriends)
Anitss (Anders her friend)
Oh mama juice (diet coke)
Nore peease (more please)
Nore please mama juice
Adda (abby)
Jillo (jillian)
Delli (kelli)
Deniccce! (Be nice)
WhEhhhaahhouu? (Where are you)
dets on (dress on)
tooday (today)
buhhh (burr, as in its cold)
owiiess (when she gets hurt)
NO no what waaa (go away doggie)


Elise said...

love it ! so happy for an update. i love the first video when her eyes kept looking left and right with a straight face. so cute!

that lady said...

oh my gosh she is the cutest thing ever. Im so jealous you got such a good video of her just chattin and playin by herself.. i nthe morning when im cleaning up or workin on stuff willow goes in her play area and says the FUNNIEST stuff talking with all her toys and setting them all up and putting them ni night and telling them what to do... and if she catches me filming her she stops :( i wish they could hang out and chatterbo with each other. i think they'd be bestest friends!