Sunday, July 8, 2012

sweet sweet summer

As usuall, I have not made any real posts in quite some time. Hazel is as wild as ever, and we have been enjoying every moment of every day with her.

We spent the weekend camping at bear lake with Trevor's family.

It was soo much fun.

Trevor and Edan playing hackeysack.

A little night swimming.

We ended up staying an extra night to camp in Logan Canyon.

We camped right next to this beautiful river.

hazel thought all her mosquito bites were hilarious. (she had 50+ on her face and neck)

We have been spending loads of time with these little sweeties. (nora and veera)

I assure you that this was not any fun. (me and my friend Lisa)

the girls playing pirates, they kept yelling out "captain hazel, captain hazel!"

summer is soo dreamy.

Saying goodbye to the worlds sweetest family, the Thompson's.
cheering their brother, jah on the merri-go-round

hazel and her best friends, oliver and anders.

Anders leading the way to the 4th of july block party in our old neighborhood in Provo.

wild things, they are always running in opposite directions.

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Myk said...

Those are the biggest mosquito bites I have ever seen!