Sunday, September 9, 2012

solar eclipse moondance and more

dancing through the solar eclipse earlier this summer
     We have been absent from the blog for quite a while.. here is a small sample of what we have been up to. We spent one week in august at the beach in California. It was such a nice time, Hazel LOVED playing in the sand, specifically catching sand crabs. Hazel has been changing so much.. she is growing out of her toddler chubby state, and every day is more and more like having a 'big kid'. She talks all day long. She has taken to asking me 'why?' after I say pretty much anything to her. It is just cute enough to make me crazy with frustration and happiness every time she asks. She keeps us on our toes telling us that she got "these from aunt jillian" but "papa bought her those"- Honestly these and those? I don't think I fully understood concepts like that until I was much, much older. She loves reading and is always asking us to read something to her. The other day I was making dinner and I suggested that she read her book to herself, she laughed and stated, "moma, hazey not know how to read it, its too hard'a hazey read." To keep things quiet in the car the other day I explained how green lights mean go, and red lights mean stop, and now when we are driving around hazel will yell "see mama, STOP!!!" or "oh look, green, go, go, go!"

   Trevor has been busy back at school full time. This year he is the head teacher over the 8th graders. He loves it! The older kids are much more interactive in their learning, and together they are planning different activities, and projects they want to work on. Trev is working on setting up some volunteer protects for the kids working with the homeless, as well as setting up a crochet and knitting club - and much much more to come.            
  I have been keeping busy working on finding another way to stay at home with hazel and make some kind of income.. Its not the easiest thing to figure out.. for now I have been putting alot of time into starting up a new blog, with my good friend sage. We launched the site last week, and it has gone great so far.

A few weeks ago we got to spend the weekend in Park City with my grandparents, and we had the best time! Hazel asks to go visit GG in park city at least once a week.

We are sad that summer has come to an end, but we have been anxiously awaiting fall and all the cozy knitts, and silky scarves, and lovely layers that come alongside it!

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