Thursday, October 30, 2008

::the nights events::

tonight was full of art:: we started the night off with the annual vending machine show at BYU.. we both had pieces for sale in the show, and we both purchased some art! I bought the one on the right from Jason Lanegan (the curator of the HFAC gallerys) and trevor bought the painting on the left done by a student at BYU, James Rees.... pretty cool i would say. then we went to olive garden to visit a friend and to eat some bread sticks...

and now we have been home painting and creating:: here is what we have been working on::

this painting is going to be on my new website, when you come to this is what will pop up, they are separate paintings... you will only see one at a time. but i love the way it turned out... I cant wait for the website to be up!

and this is what trevor has been working on, it is an assignment for school where you have to use 20 colors.

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