Friday, May 8, 2009

Summers near! ! !

A Huish Update::

okay so i cut my hair off... not quite as short but i'm just taking it in baby steps.

here's a lovely photo taken of me at work. . its not the best.. i will post more as soon as i take some.

So the Beehive Bazaar went well... the shelf did not fall over at least.

I am looking for a new job... boo.. i seem to have been un-hired from my current job. So keep your eyes open for a photography/craft/teaching/whatever job that would fit for me. haha if you aren't already looking for a job for yourselves...

I am taking full time spring classes (6 credit hours).. its been pretty intense so far..

Trev has been rakin' in big bucks lately... he's going gung-ho with the window cleaning stuff... he's gotten numerous side jobs, and is doing extremely well he's moving up the corporate window cleaning ladder quite quickly! haha. he recently received a mountain bike from my all-to-willing-to-give-away-his-old-bike-to-get-a-better-bike dad.. and has been riding around provo in all his gear. he seriously looks cool.. i will post a photo of him soon.

He has also been selling original paintings as well as hand made shelves on the infamous Etsy. You can see his stuff here!

anyway life is good for us huish's.. except that we miss our best friends {joshua+emma} who are out on tour right now..

i will post more soon!

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tessa marie said...

YAY! OHHHH MY I LOVE you're hair SO much! you're adorable lady. O.K. So I can't stop thinking about how much you'd be in love with where I live. First off all the old buildings and bridges are a photographer's dream... and I went to market today and it's filled with Fresh Food, plants, crafters, antiques... plus it's 2 blocks from my house and it's only $27 to be a vendor so I'm gonna start selling soon- but hubby works on the days i'm gonna sell so I'll be all alone!! :( I want you to come visit me SOOO bad! I'm so sad ur taking spring classes! when are they over? We move out to Indiana at the end of July.