Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank you Dr. Grover

So.. yesterday I had a Dr.'s appointment, and on my way out she said that I should sign up for an appointment next week.. but that she would be surprised if she didn't see me again before then!??!!!

yeah it freaked me out a little bit. but I hope so bad that she comes soon because I know that she is going to be so much FUN! ha. plus, I am so sick of being pregnant, even work feels like torture, and all I do is sit here surfing the internet in a comfy chair. hmm maybe comfy is the wrong word? yeah, I have not felt comfy in over 2 months.

anyway cross your fingers that everything goes okay. We have one more shower, on Thursday then we will be 100% good to go.


Drew+Elise said...

oh yes, thank you dr.

tessa marie said...

oh my goodness! you made it through your shower today so tell her to come already! I wanna meet the little pea when I come in a week!