Friday, February 4, 2011

DIY banner tutorial

YOU WILL NEED: *elmers glue and/or a glue stick* Newspaper* Tissue Paper* Sissors* Hole Punch * Thick cord or pipe cleaners* Optional hot glue gun* Sparkles* Yarn or string*
You want to use a glue stick (or elmers glue and a foam brush) and glue the tissue paper to the slightly larger newspaper strips.

after the glue has dried fold the strips into an accordian

then tie them off in the middle (pipe cleaners are the easiest things to use)

then you add glue to one side of the accordion> you can use a glue stick, elmers glue, or a hot glue gun<

-Press firmly-

After the one side dries, carefully glue the other side

at this point you will want to aplly your letters you simply glue them onto the center. I got my letters from the martha stewart website and printed them for free at home (HERE) is the link to her site.

make a puddle of elmers glue - i made mine on wax paper to keep it clean

dip your edges in the puddle of glue carefully coating all sides.

place the glued fan onto a surface that can collect the sparkles

pour sparkles all over the edges.

once done aplying the sparkles keep it where it is so that you can dump the remaining sparkles onto the next fan.

grab several of your folds and punch a hole through them  (make sure the letter is facing up)

string and enjoy!


Cait said...

Hi Jessie!! I told you I would comment and here I am. Now, we should be friends in real life too.

Niki said...

Love this tutorial!! Thanks so much for was really helpful!!

Niki said...

Love this tutorial!! Thanks so much for was really helpful!!

Anonymous said...

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