Thursday, March 3, 2011

what has been going on...

wonder what I have been up to?

been busy getting nakie..

we went hiking on the ice (while nana peg and grandpapa were here)

getting spoiled by nana

visiting great grandpa capener

this was me today (11 months old!)

making lots of silly faces...

playing/eating the tambourine

we might have stretched bed time a little too far this night (this was before namo went to Australia)

hanging out at nana's new house!

out on the ice covered utah lake

uncle drew on the lake of ice.

said bye bye to nana for another 3 months.

play group at the park (hazel's best friend alice in the back)

I made this for a friend of mine who was having a baby shower- this was a gift for her older daughter - I had so much fun making the baby's gift that I made a little something for big sister too.

trevor makes these amazing molecules.

I made this little baby wrap for the baby too.

the presents went in these cute little bags that I made.

and here is hazel again


Elise said...

i love those little gifts! so thoughtful of you!

Elise said...

post more?

that lady said...

ditto elise:)

that lady said...

p.s. where oh where did you get hazey's cute little striped pants?

Jessie Huish said...

the first ones are from nartjie, the second ones are mini boden tights, the third ones are very fancy from this place up in SL i think there from France (they were a shower gift) the last pink tights i may or may not have stolen accidentally from walmart.