Friday, June 24, 2011

long week.

we had a crazy week- hazey and I went to bear lake with trevor's family. Trevor had to stay and work- he is working on a movie set for the church, and having lots of fun. It has been really long days, he leaves our house at 6:15 am and doesn't get home till 6:15 pm. I can not believe how spoiled we have been in the past. we have always spent the majority of our time together, as of now it is very much the opposite. Right after bear lake we had a wedding to get to- that sucked up all of my energy and left me totally sick and exhausted. Today haze and I are spending the day on the couch watching movies.

My parents are home from Switzerland!! I am so happy to have them back it is sooo nice. Here are some photos from abby's birthday last week:

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