Saturday, June 25, 2011

missed out on fathers day. and our 5 year anniversary.

missed out on fathers day.... in fact i forgot that it was fathers day all together. Well i did have presents, I knew it was on the way - i just had forgotten that it was last Sunday. I woke up at 6 in the morning with hazel and deliriously made us cereal and oatmeal - needless to say i did not make trevor anything special. when he woke up around 8:30 he was all confused and said 'you didn't make breakfast?' I was so mad - i had been up all that time wrestling with hazel.. I told him to make himself cereal if he wanted to eat. then he said something like 'on all other days you make breakfast and today of all days you don't' ha ha dummie me. I didn't ever clue in until we got to church. sheesh. well to make up for that- and also for forgetting to mention our 5 year anniversary i wanted to write out a little something in honor of my man.

trevor is the greatest man in the world. he never complains, he is always willing to help me in any way that i need him. he has never missed anything important in my life, even embarrassing softball games. he always remembers any birthdays or anniversary's - and he will subtly remind me when he realizes that i forget. (it happens all the time) trevor is the perfect match to me. he fills in all my weaknesses and faults with different weaknesses and faults, and i love him for that. we are not perfect, we never have been - and probably never will be, but I feel complete and whole only when I have him around. he is the greatest father to hazel. he loves and adores her with a gentle kindness that i can not believe. he has come into it with not much experience at all, and has become the most wonderful man that i could have ever dreamed to imagine. he is the best. he makes me happier than i have ever been in my life. I know he loves me and hazel and would do anything to protect us. we are safe with him around. I am so lucky to have him. i love him more and more as time passes on. it does not feel like 5 years has past. but it also feels like we have already lived a lifetime together. i know that i can get through anything with him by my side, and i am so grateful for the comfort that gives me. i love trevor and i can not wait to live the rest of my life with him.

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