Monday, September 26, 2011

farewell to provo

We have had been keeping extremely busy these past few months.. In august we moved out of 'hazel's house' It was really hard and sad to leave Provo behind. It has been home to us for 6 years! We have different memories down every street. I cried and cried the whole drive away. We actually weren't scheduled to have to be out of the house till the end of august, but I was getting more and more depressed thinking about all our friends and wonderful home that we had established here over the years. So we made an impromptu decision to skip town early. I just could not face the sad weeks to come.

some highlights:


Drew and Elise

Biking the streets day and night

Opening and running the shop coal umbrella

Wheat pasting street art all over the city in the middle of the night (not illegal as wheat paste is biodegradable)

Countless nights at velour watching friends (and drew) do open mic night

Corey Fox

Joshua and Emma

SEGO, and other festivals

Jennica and all my photography class friends

DIY club

Block Party's

best neighborhood ever. from jessie huish on Vimeo.

Hazel and Alice


naomi said...

Where are you going!!!!!

Jess said...

well salt lake to start, then onto grad school for trev soo, I have no idea..