Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Trevors amazing family has welcomed us with open arms- we aren't sure how long we will be here, but it is so wonderful knowing that we have there support and love in our lives. We have not really been looking for places up in salt lake yet, because we have so many different bills (and debts), weighing down on our shoulders we need to get our feet back on the ground, then tackle a new house.

Trev took a job working for a start up charter school and he is loving it. It has been LONG hours since he leaves at 6 am to bike to the bus, that takes him to trax in salt lake then he bikes from there to his school. He doesn't get home till around 6 pm.

I have been trying to get more and more photography jobs. It has been going really well so far, but I need more, more, more, so if you know anyone interested!? I also started selling vintage children's clothes online (beehivebabies.etsy.com)

Hazel and I have been keeping busy eating ice cream, and going up to the zoo, and th.e children's museum and lots and lots of trips to the DI. (our thrift store) She yells "YEAHHH" when we drive into the parking lot. She fills the cart with toys and sits and plays while I shop.

Here are some photos from camping this weekend.

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ashmae said...

you guys are so great! you might just need to come visit soon. We'll blow up our inflatable mattress, let Hazel and Remy run wild in our grassy courtyard and i will make you homemade ice-cream.